I deliberately wanted to have ‘crazy guy image’, Terry G on music career

‘Ginjah Your Swaggah’ crooner, Terry G, whose real name is Gabriel Oche, has revealed that while growing up, he deliberately wanted to have an image of himself where people will see him as a crazy guy.

Terry G, who is from Benue State, made this revelation in a live Facebook interview with Vanguard’s Benjamin Njoku on Friday.

He said:
“I was like a scapegoat, I was just a stubborn boy who wanted to do music and nobody gave me the chance.

“I deliberately wanted to have that image where people will see me as a crazy guy.”

Speaking on his dress sense and style not being accepted then, he said
” The Nigerian music industry wasn’t exposed as at then.

“I got my inspiration from foreign music and Lil Wanye is one of my mentors.

“The way I dressed then was odd to the Nigerian culture but I was only trying to do the international thing that we are doing now.

“I was only criticized then because I was the first to start it and people didn’t understand where I was driving to so they stopped it.

“I’m glad today that it didn’t stop.”

The ace singer said there was no place for street music when he started his career and he made the hip hop world create a category for street music.

On the way forward with his music career, Terry G revealed that before the end of the year he will put content for his fans.

“I am a music producer and an instrumentalist, music is part of me. I used the break to take care of my family that is in London. My son also plays football in Chelsea”

Recall that in the year 2020, Terry G described himself as the “Jesus of Nigerian music”, when he recently signed a three years recording contract with Basic Entertainment and fans expected to see more of him before he took a break from music.

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